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If an outright purchase of a particular domain name is too expensive, then domain leasing is the next best option. The right domain name is ideal for brand development, creating satellite sites, product credibility and maximizing your profits through advertising revenue. The budget friendly monthly payments of a lease will free up your cash flow for other business investments. Some of our domain names are already ranked high in the search engines.

While the domain name is leased, it remains the property of the domain owner or Prodigy27 acting on behalf of the owner. The domain name is pointed to the Lessee's server for the duration of the Lease Agreement. After the Agreement has been satisfied, the Lessee has the option to renew or purchase the domain name if the Agreement contains a lease-to-buy clause.

Leasing fees are paid on a monthly basis. Our Lease Agreements' start with a one year minimum term and a maximum of five years. Renewal options are available 30 days prior to the lease expiration date. A penalty fee applies for early termination of the Lease Agreement.

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As the Internet continues to become the standard source of Business-to-Consumer communication, a website is a necessary tool. That's why choosing the right name is paramount to your online success. How people find you on the Internet (especially without a huge marketing budget) is vital to your business. We have a growing list of domain names for all facets of business.

The purchasing process is private and secure. You have the option of using or Prodigy27 for escrow services when making your safe transaction.

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We offer two options for selling domain names - For Sale by Ownerand our Prodigy27 Domain Marketplace Concierge Service.

For Sale By Owner- List your domain name in the Prodigy27 Domain Marketplace for a flat fee of $14.95 and have prospective buyers contact you directly to facilitate a sale. That's it! You pay no additional fees and can use any Escrow service to secure the deal. Bulk rates are available for 10 plus domains.

ListDomains Concierge Service- List your domain in the Prodigy27 Domain Marketplace and we will present serious buyers to you and facilitate the transaction; keeping it private and hassle free for a flat fee of 7% of the sale price, not including Escrow fees.

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We provide a safe, secure and private solution to help our clients acquire domain names that are unavailable through the standard registrar procedures. Our consultants work closely with you to negotiate a deal that best suits your goals and budget. All domain purchase information remains confidential during and after the transaction.

Domain acquisitions are handled through escrow services to ensure a safe transaction for all parties involved.

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